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The Healing Signature Program
Brokenness UnLeashed 

I've broken down the roadmap into our 12 Week Signature Program where I guide you step by step on the path of moving past your heartbreak to recovery. This program is a group coaching setting that empowers you, push you and hold you accountable while guiding you with strategies, tips and techniques to accelerate in healing, reinvent yourself and learn to love again.


Recovering from a tough ending of a divorce or a break-up, reconnecting with your self-identity and reinventing your life and goals all while becoming your best self to learn to love again. 



RECOVER (Healing the Wounds)

Allow yourself to feel the pain, but be able to take control & regain focus through healing so that you can get on with your life, even when you’re hurting. Work your way through the key stages of grief. Heal your wounds and accept what has happened and where you're at in this moment. 


RECONNECT (Identity)

Stop questioning yourself, your worth and why you “just weren’t good enough.” Destroy self-doubt & insecurities. Re-build yourself, your life and your confidence again, growing into to the new-and-improved you! Its time to reconnect with who you are again. It is never too late for personal growth, nor for saying yes to you. 



REINVENT (Life after)

The pain of past hurts does not need to follow you into the future. Building a solid foundation for your brand new chapter starts here. You are allowed a better future which includes getting back on the dating scene, setting goals, and more. 

Yes! My Program is 100% for you if:

  • You're ready to rise above bitterness, anger and negativity

  • You're looking for support and a roadmap

  • You're ready to boost your confidence.

  • You want to gain your power back

  • You're ready to gain clarity for you & your future.

  • You're ready to use this pain to step into your next best chapter.

  • You're ready to change your mindset, behaviors, and habits to put in the actions that connects you with genuine relationships. (began to date again)

  • You want to be at peace, free, and well again; and sleep, eat and focus on a better future for you

  • You understand that healing is, first and foremost, and emotional process and you're ready to "go through it"


My Program is NOT 100% for you if:

  • You're looking for a quick fix

  • You're seeking revenge on your ex

  • Your fear of moving is greater than your desire to get what you truly deserve

  • You're wanting a therapist, not a coach

  • You're looking for perfect and not ready to change

  • You don't see value in investing in yourself

  • You're still in a marriage, relationship, or still deciding whether you should stay or go 

  • You're not ready to put in the actions

  • You've recently just divorced or had a break up

  • You're not ready to change your mindset, behaviors, and habits to put in the actions that connects you with genuine relationships. (began to date again)


You'll weep tears of joy from here on out. 


Why 12 Weeks?

It takes you longer than 12 weeks to get into true healing, so the process to get you up to it will take at least 12 weeks. I also know that when you're healing, there are some phases that may take longer than others so you'll experience small, effective improvements each week. 

How is this program different?

Brokenness Unleashed is a truly supportive intimate group program that includes both the self-leadership and action side of accelerating in healing, reinventing and learning to love again for your new chapter to begin. With all three of these phases together, you'll create a better life for yourself that works for YOU and your future.

I'm married, still in a relationship or situation-ship. Can I still attend?

Unfortunately No! This program is dedicated to the women who are ready to move forward into a new chapter in life without the pain and baggage of past relationships and/or an lingering ex, so this program sets you up for success to start your recovery into life after a heartbreak from a divorce or break-up. 

When are weekly calls?

Tuesdays at 6:00 pm Central time via Zoom. Calls will be recorded and uploaded for my access only. 

What kind of support do I receive?

You'll have permission to attend all live meetings and a private community to lean on for support where I'll be hanging out each day.

When will the program be held?

Brokenness Unleashed will be held twice annually, First quarter (Jan-Mar) and Third quarter (July-Sept).  If the first quarter is not a good time for you then we would love to have you next go round in third quarter. 

Our Clients Say

Recommends Heal to Inspire to Shine. A safe space to explore your pain and find understanding in where you are now and where you're going on your healing journey. A place where you learn to restore renew and rebuild your life for greatness

Brokenness UnLeashed Program, Client


First of all, this is a safe space. As a small intimate group, we agree on confidentiality and non-toxic positivity. Calls will be scheduled each week for 1.5 hour each. They will be a combination of coaching and what you bring to the room.

There will also be some practice between calls, but nothing I'd call "homework." In other words, you won't get a bunch of worksheets to fill out or anything like that. You will be invited to complete some challenging practices and to think about things in a different perspective.

Throughout the program, you will have access to the private Brokenness UnLeashed community and can reach out to me via email/text for anything.

Weekly live calls are scheduled for Tuesdays at 6:00 pm CST (Calls are recorded), community building and deep inner work. 



Life is going to look a whole lot different in just 12 weeks. 

Not ready for the program?

Have questions? I offer an complimentary call to get answers.

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