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My Vision

Guiding You Through Your Healing Journey

Turning transitions into beautiful transformations


My goal as a Relationship Coach is to guide you through the pain and challenges of a breakup, divorce, or any form of a relationship ending that has left you feeling broken and in need of healing. Provide you with the necessary tools you need in order to move on opening yourself up to personal growth, self-reflection, and love once more in a healthy and fulfilling manner. I take care of your emotional journey.


“I am aiming to empower you to heal from past heartbreak, build self-love, & create a life you enjoy, preparing you to embrace & attract love again in a healthy way.–helping you to become stronger and more resourceful.”

Meet Brittney

Certified Life & Relationship Coach

Hello Beautiful Sisters!

With a divorce background, for the last few years, I've learned a lot about myself and one thing that has never changed about me is my passion to inspire and uplift others to help them see their worth or a different view about themselves and their lives.  Through the process of healing, I bloomed a lot. I let go and let God and he lead me into a purpose and that's how Heal to Inspire to Shine was birthed.  

For a long time, I struggled with finding my purpose in life, the love for myself and I went through several trials and tribulations in relationships on my journey of life. Even through healing and rediscovery after a divorce, I've had some ups, downs, bad times, good times, some crazy moments and terrible memories but I never gave up on myself and my dreams to find me again and what my passion has always been.  I've managed to push through a lot to blossom into who I am today "Sunshine" and to live peacefully & happily.

I had to go through it, build myself up and recreate a healthy mindset not only for me to become my best self, but for those I love around me.  I've made some mistakes in the past and did some things just because they felt good or because I wanted to do it but I've changed.  I'm still walking this journey as things shift in life but I'm not who I once was.  I  became a victor, in the midst of all the chaos, pain and self doubt instead of continuously living as a victim, even within myself. I chose me when it hurt the most. 

I'm hoping to inspire and be able to share my life experiences with many women who are feeling stuck.  I want to be a guide for them as they prepare to start their healing journey, love themselves and see their worth by breaking free from the strong holds of past relationships, transforming their lives to become a healthier version of themselves and see their worth.


I'm aiming at women who have gone through the pain and challenges of a breakup, divorce, or any form of relationship ending that has left them feeling broken and in need of healing, self-discovery and personal growth. It is the season for reconnecting and rediscovering herself to embrace & attract love again without losing herself again.  


My Mission

Heal to Inspire to Shine's mission is to inspire, provide guidance and support to women on how to navigate the emotional aftermath of a breakup or divorce. I help clients process their emotions, gain clarity, and develop healthy coping strategies to heal and move forward by prioritizing themselves, develop self-compassion, and cultivate a deep sense of self-worth. Holding them accountable and walking beside them on their new journey. Heal to Inspire to Shine is a sacred space exclusively designed for women seeking to heal past heartbreak, cultivate self-love, and create a life they truly adore. We want to provide women with the resources and strategies they need that ultimately lead to their healing​, reinventing themselves, rebuilding, navigating life in the aftermath of heartbreak and preparing to embrace & attract love again. 




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