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Turning Transitions into Beautiful Transformations

Meet Brittney

Certified Life & Relationship Coach

Hi, I'm Brittney "Coach B" your new favorite Relationship Coach & Sister. I'm from sweet home Alabama.  It is my purpose & passion to be obedient in helping women feel loved, authentic, inspired and glow within themselves as they unleash their brokenness to transition their heartbreak pain into a planted seed where they bloom, flourish, find peace, healing and ultimately embrace love again.

Women go through a lot mentally, emotionally and physically. I'm letting God use me to tell my story and inspire emotionally heartbroken women to shine as well to tell theirs. 

When I looked at myself back when I was broken I saw who others thought I was, who they said I was or how they perceived me to be. I was a people pleaser. I was the girl who put everybody in front and left myself in the back.  I didn't know how to say "NO". I was afraid of losing people, being judged and cared how others thought about me. I always wanted to just fit in no matter what. 


Turn Your Heartbreak into The Making of You and Not the Breaking of You

Don't live a life looking in the past instead focus on what's ahead 

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Are you ready to start your recovery journey to creating a new, post heartbreak, divorce, or breakup normal that feels authentic, peaceful, free and happy?

By now I know you are still reading because you feel you are ready and willing to do the work and wondering if this is the time. Yes, right now is the right time. 

You deserve to feel beautiful, worthy, confident and at peace!

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