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Ways to Heal Emotionally and Mentally

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

Healing takes a lot of care. Whether you’re healing from a heartbreak, loss of a loved one, betrayal, childhood traumas or just from mentally trauma within yourself, it can affect you and your entire life.

There are so many in pain. You can see them looking one way on the outside but that inside be torn up from hurt, paint, and brokenness.

Sometimes we think we are healing from something but it takes that one thought to show you, you're not healed. So let me tell you a few that I can think of that will also let you know you’re still not healed:

  • You’re still too emotional about the situation. When you talk or think about it, you show some type of emotion towards it and feel the same as if it just happened.

  • Talking about it is hard along with talking to that person

  • If you hear or say that individual name it disturbs your peace

Do you resonate with any of those? Yea, I know but it's okay. What you have experienced takes a hold on you and affects you physically. When you relive those moments over and over again it brings you back to the beginning of your healing moments and process.

Why go through that?

You are worthy of anything you devote to yourself. Yes, I had to tell myself that too. I have experienced different relationship trauma, friendship trauma, not loving me and more. It had me depressed for years and if you think for one second somebody knew, WRONG! I had plenty of days where I felt alone. Some days were worse than others. I was angry and my attitude reflected it. Everything I was holding in I pretended as if it was ok and it really wasn't. When others do things to me I used to hold a grudge as they say and it took me years to get over it but I eventually did and realized that I wasted time and energy on my life personally.

I had to learn to heal myself, there was no way around it. Healing a broken heart takes time. But there are things you can do to support yourself through the healing process and protect your emotional wellbeing.

Speaking positively, reading books and other things that uplift you are some of your starting points. As you get consistent with that you will begin to see yourself surrounding more into building healthy relationships and habits. That’s when you will open up more to trusting your healing process.

Even through the anger, the lash outs, the hateful words and feelings I found some effective ways that helped me mentally. That's where it begins. Things became clearer and I was able to talk about it with others that knew or could relate to what I've been through.

Just remember you are not alone……………

Overall learning to heal and putting in the actions to heal is HUGE. You become a better you, a parent, friend, employer, coworker, partner and sibling. So let's start with the tips above I mentioned and these other ways I'm going to help you so you can begin to heal.

  1. Set Boundaries

  2. Stand up for yourself (Self-Love)

  3. Treat yourself (Self-Care)

  4. Take back your power

  5. Rejuvenate your soul

  6. Gain your confidence back

  7. Make self respect a priority

If you haven’t started and would like to learn more about the stages of healing you can

reflect back on one of my previous blog posts

Kickstart your healing journey today by turning that pain and hurt into your peace, purpose and power so you gain back that fulfillment and be who you were created to be, authentically and whole. There’s no better time than now to start.

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Great tips!

Coach B
Coach B
27 janv. 2023
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I appreciate you.😊

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